Season 2, Episode 8
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Air date 17/06/14
Written by Unknown
Directed by Unknown
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Innercrombie was the eighth episode of season two of Strange Hill High.


Mitchell and his friends discover a portal into Abbercrombie's head and discover they can control him as though he were a puppet.


It's Valentines Day, and Abercrombie has banned all feelings of love and over all happiness.He clearly states "Anyone expressing love will be thrown into detention.That includes teachers and pets." To prove his point Mr Gardener leaps in singing "Roses are red, Violets are blue,I love romantic rhyming couplets,and after this lesson, so will you!" so Abercrombie throws him [literally] into detention.Mitchell then finds multiple ways to throw all of the teachers into detention, with the help of Becky.

First, Mitchell inserts a love CD into Nimrod, which makes him say "The answer is love baby. Sweet lovely love." Abercrombie then puts him in detention and Mitchell says "Ha! Tannered!"

Second, Mitchell moves a heart shaped chocolate box to the desk, (in which Mr Balding picks up), eats a small chocolate heart and says "Ooh! Looks like the centre is actually truffles!" Abercrombie then puts him in detention and Mitchell says "Ha! Double tannered!" 

Finally, Mitchell asks Mr Kandinsky the place he grew up (which is Russia) and gives him a guitar. He sings in Russian with a map of Russia with Russian flag hearts, but Abercrombie spots him, thinking he's expressing love - he is and puts him in detention, while Mitchell says "Hahaha! Triple tannered!! You're out!" 

The teachers are then seen going into detention, for expressing love, when actually it was MITCHELL expressing love on the teachers.

The trio then goes into Abercrombie's office and decorates his office with valentines stuff, Mitchell says that once Abercrombie puts himself into detention, they will have the whole school. They then hear Abercrombie coming and try to go out the window, but it's locked. Mitchell  then finds another way to escape from him - the fire cabinet. The trio then enter the fire cabinet before Abercrombie comes into his office.