Little School of Horrors
Season 2, Episode 4
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Air date 20/05/14
Written by Unknown
Directed by Unknown
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Little School of Horrors was the fourth episode of the second season of Strange Hill High.


Mitchell Tanner's plans for relaxing videogame-inspired PE lessons are ruined when Becky Butters kicks a ball through a window. Ordered to retrieve "school property", the trio stumbles across a tumbledown greenhouse with a single green shoot surviving inside. Becky is determined to nurse the plant back to health. Mitchell is less enthusiastic, and when she forces the rest of the class to join a gardening programme, he plants a chicken nugget and fast-forwards nature with a lot of dodgy-looking extreme fertiliser.

The next day the greenhouse has unnaturally sprung to life, Becky's plant pod has burst open and a peculiar new Australian games teacher, Mr Creeper, has arrived at the school. Could the three be linked? Mitchell tries to take the moral high ground and scold Becky for creating a weird plant creature, but his authority is undermined when Jerky, a weird chicken nugget plant-animal, emerges from the greenhouse. He's like a nugget bloodhound on the trail of the creature that burst out of Becky's plant.

A book in the library reveals the answer: Becky's plant is an Australian Creeper. She's grown a PE teacher, and he's determined to take over the school and work the kids into exhaustion in order to produce "carbo dioxy" (carbon dioxide) to feed his plant friends. It's not long before Mr Creeper is joined by hundreds of similar Creepers and Strange Hill is overrun. Pursued by scarily intense Australian gym teachers, our trio lead the fightback after a failed attempt to reason with "Squidgey Junior" (the first Creeper to emerge from the plant).

Mitchell's plan to thwart the invasion by feeding weedkiller into the school sprinkler system comes unstuck when the smart plants swaps the barrels of chemicals with ketchup. Things look bleak, but Jerky comes to the rescue in a ketchup-induced frenzy, scoffing all but one of the gym teachers. The remaining Mr Creeper surrenders, and with Becky's help persuades Abercrombie to let him stay. With the Headmaster realising he can get a free PE teacher as well as the possibility of winning trophies, Abercrombie decides to welcome a new member of staff to Strange Hill High aswell as indirectly obtaining a new 'pet' at the school, in the form of Jerky, whom Becky has Mr Creeper take care of.