Shh templeton
Vital statistics
Position Hero
Age 12
Status Unknown
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Templeton is a main protagonist of the show. He is voiced by Richard Ayoade.


He has a brown afro and thick glasses. He wears a green jumper/sweater covering his mouth and brownish orange trousers, which are once taken by the lost and found boy (he and his friends try to get back his trousers and the rest of the stuff the lost and found boy stole). Templeton wears a pink skirt with a poodle on it. He wears sandals and socks in different colours (blue and purple)

Favourite foodEdit

His favourite food is thought to be potatoes.


He often blindly worships everything. He does not respond to sarcasm and takes things very literally.


King MitchellEdit

  • AAAARGH! I touched the toilet!

99 Cool Things To Do With A Time MachineEdit

  • Huh. Grimshaw.
  • Goo. Definitely goo.
  • Wah! Wah! I'm terribly sad. Wah! Wah!
  • I'd love a good chocolate swirley log, but they only sell them on Tuesdays. Today's Monday.
  • Little help here.
  • In order to see a dinosaur' you need to turn the clock another 999 million 998 times.
  • Two.

The Lost and Found BoyEdit

  • My trousers! Someone's nicked my trousers! (hides in his own dang locker) Tell me when it's time for graduation!
  • I'm a guy.

Health and safetyEdit

  • The only transformer I'd play with is Optimus prime.

Series two of quotesEdit

Little school of horrorsEdit

  • The end of the pipe.
  • No you didn't, I clearly saw you connect with the ball
  • You did it

Invasion of the TempletonsEdit

  • WAIT! Why? Because I shouted WAIT! Quite loudly!